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Edmonton condos for sale
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Edmonton condos for sale
Edmonton condos for sale
Edmonton condos for sale
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Edmonton condos for sale
Edmonton Condos
For Sale
Welcome to Edmonton!
Edmonton Condos For Sale
Ralph Henze, RE/MAX Advantage, #116, 150 Chippewa Rd., Sherwood Park, AB
Looking for the right condo can be a daunting task.
Do you want an apartment condo with all the extras like
an exercise room and a theatre room? Or would you rather
have a bungalow with your own bit of yard (minus the upkeep!).
The list can seem to be endless. This website will try to help you
narrow those options down so that you can find the
condo in Edmonton that is just right for you.
1. Your first step needs to be making sure that you understand
exactly what a condo is and how they operate.
There are an incredible number of options when it comes to Edmonton condos for sale. Search for yourself at my MLS
link, email me or call at:


and I'll do a search for you.

3. Decide what you want in your new home. (number of bedrooms, size, condo fee, insuite laundry, etc.)
2. Decide what type of condo you're interested in. (bungalow, apartment, townhouse, etc.)
Ralph Henze
RE/MAX Advantage
P: 780-918-7885
F: 780-467-2897
email: ralphhenze@remax.net
Why a Condo?
Years ago, you saved a bit of money, saved for a down payment and then bought a house. Maybe it was small or needed a bit of work, but you jumped right in.

These days, things have changed with a decent starter home costing $350,000 - $400,000. Saving up the down payment is more difficult and monthly payments can be more than you can afford. Waiting until you save the money is hard or impossible as your rent is high and you can't save enough to keep up to ever increasing prices.

For most of us, we must look at buying our dream home as a 2 or 3 step process over a period of 5-10 years. We need to build equity. That is where condos can help. You may have to start with an apartment condo with a lower down payment and price that fits your budget, then maybe a duplex condo for a few years and then, that dream house. All the while, you will have been building equity with mortgage payments and by growth in the value of your home.
Buying your home requires discipline and a long term strategy to reach your goal.